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Welcome to Atlantibots

What is the Atlantibot Project ?

An open source project for the development of Antlantibots and scripts. An Atlantibot automates part, or all of, the process of order generation in the 'Atlantis' fantasy, Play By eMail game (PBEM). e.g. Mapping and sentry monitoring bots.

This is a collaborative, open source project to produce scripts for the Atlantis PBeM game. We have several developers working in a few programming languages. The scripts will work together and also in conjunction with Atlantis Clients like 'Atlantis Helper' and Atlantis Crystal Ball. We are working towards fully automatic bots that can 'fight it out' in their own game (may the best bot win).... but along the way will develop various tools for players of Atlantis (version 4) who may want to automate part of running a faction - e.g. produce automated units for mapping the territory or maintain a network of sentries.

News Section

Posted 9th July 2003

Introduction to AtlantiBots

Well the Atlantibot project is now open.

We have even been joined by Pete Christie who wrote the first Atlantibots we ever came across in Pascal.

Most of us are working in Python although we have one C++ writer and another coder who aims to work in Java and Python.... so it should prove fun.

The eventual aim of the project is to produce several fully featured 'AtlantiBots' to battle it out on an Atlantis world. These are scripts that read Atlantis Turn reports and generate orders....... These 'automated factions' would have to cope with exploring their world and dealing with other factions as they discover them.

Along the way we will produce various tools of use to the general Atlantis player though - for example an automated sentry monitoring script, automated mapping scouts (including generating movement orders and building a map), faction summary and more.....

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