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The Atlantibot Project Home Page

Well the Atlantibot project is now open.
We have even been joined by Pete Christie who wrote the first Atlantibots I ever came across in Pascal.

Most of us are working in Python although we have one C++ writer and another coder who aims to work in Java and Python.... so it should prove fun.

The eventual aim of the project is to produce several fully featured 'Atlantibots' to battle it out on an Atlantis world. These are scripts that read Atlantis Turn reports and generate orders....... These 'automated factions' would have to cope with exploring their world and dealing with other factions as they discover them.

Along the way we will produce various tools of use to the general Atlantis player though - for example an automated sentry monitoring script, automated mapping scouts (including generating movement orders and building a map), faction summary and more.....

There is already some basic code being bandied around........ as soon as we have anything firm - alpha releases, protocols or file format conventions etc... they'll be released here. Any input or suggestions welcomed.


All project code is to be released under GNU GPL, open source license. You should find a copy of this in the project CVS or DOCS folder.

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