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Useful Links

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Atlantis Links

All Things Atlantis Atlantis 5 - Homepage for Atlantis Development and Atlantis in General. An
Atlantis Advisor
Atlantis Crystal Ball
Atlantis Echolon - The best running game of Atlantis
Atlantis Info, some interesting information from the Atlantis Game - Spoiler alert !!
Atlantis Little Helper home page
Atlantis magic tree - Atlantis Spoiler Alert - The magic System of Atlantis
Atlantis Marketplace - Community Message Board for Atlantis Echelon
Atlantis Nexus Links
Atlantis v4 Rules - The Ruleset for V4.06 and what we play to in Atlantis Echelon
atlantis_talk Message Group Discussing Atlantibots Coding and Scripts
AtlantisDev - Atlantis Development Group, working on the new version of Atlantis
Beginners Guide To Playing Atlantis - A good introduction to the game.
Nullius_Celestia - Atlantis Game
Olympia Play-by-Email, Similar to Atlantis.
Singularity - A Different PBeM Project Info - Atlantibots
The Atlangame Page
The Atlantis Project - The Original Homepage of Atlantis
The PBeM News Front Page
Voidspace - Websites and Worlds

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Programming Links

Voidspace - Websites and Worlds


AtaWiki - Atlanti Bots
Atlantibot Project Homepage
Atlantibots - Sourceforge
Atlantibots Message Group
Atlantis Development Message Group
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PocketPC Programming

Developer Tools. Pocket PC Developer Network
Pocket PC Python
Programming Languages
SuperWaba - The REAL Power of Mobile Computing - A JAva VM for PDA

Python Reference

Anygui -Python
ASPN Python
Executive Summary - SWIG, C++ and Python interface compiler
Home page Richard Gruet @ free
Looking through wxWindows
Mark Hammond's Python Extensions
Python 2.2.3 Documentation
Python Language Website
The Vaults of Parnassus Python Resources


Frames Tutorials
HTML tutorial - Including Documents about WWW written or recommended by Jukka Korpela
Instant Hacking Learn how to program with Python
Javascript Tutorial ... in Java by Richard G Baldwin
Python for Beginners
Python for Newbies
Python Tutorial
wxPython for newbies

Utilities and other Programming

ISO Latin 1 Character Entities and HTML Escape Sequence Table
PuTTY Download Page
SFTP - Windows - FileZilla
TortoiseCVS - About

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